Town of ARGYLE has its population about 100. It was surveyed in 1872 and the first settlers came from Argyleshire, Scotland, in the late 1870s. The first school was built in 1880. Argyle was connected to Winnipeg by rail in 1910. In 2003,the Brant-Argyle School, one of the consolidated schools in Manitoba, and the best example of its style, was designated a provincial historic site. It was built in 1914.

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Argyle is a small hamlet located in the Canadian province of Manitoba (about 45 km NW of WINNIPEG). Argyle is in Manitoba's Interlake Region, adjacent to the Municipality of Rockwood and approximately 30 km from Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg. Nearby are the towns of Stonewall, Balmoral, Teulon, Grosse Isle, Gunton, Rosser, Stony Mountain and Selkirk.