Quality Breeding Stock

Top quality, healthy breeding stock are the cornerstone of the Manitoba pork industry. The achievement of Manitoba's breeding stock excellence is the crucial first step in the entire production cycle. One reason for the high quality is the large size of the average Manitoba sow herd in comparison to other Canadian provinces. These larger herds allow Manitoba producers to readily employ advanced management practices. As well, pork processors have an easier time sourcing hogs with uniform genetics, which results in consistent carcass size and quality.

Common Breeds

Manitoba's specially selected genotypes excel in growth and efficiency characteristics. Many of Manitoba's herds have a worldwide reputation for quality, which is based on years of repeat sales to international customers.

The most common breeds found in Manitoba are Yorkshire or Large White, Landrace, Duroc and Hampshire. Manitoba is home to one of Canada's largest purebred Duroc herds, as well as several seed stock herds with Yorkshire and Landrace breeds.

The most common commercial breeding programs in Manitoba includes Yorkshire/Landrace crossbred sows crossed with a terminal sire such as Duroc, Hampshire or a meat-type hybrid.

Health Status

Manitoba's cold winters, relatively low hog concentration and advanced management practices are reasons for its low disease status and access to many foreign markets.

Manitoba shares Canada's recognized reputation for the elite health status of its livestock. The hog population is free from hog cholera, and all major diseases including African swine fever, foot and mouth, swine brucellosis and pseudorabies.