History of the Yorkshire breed

Today, Yorkshires are productive, yet more performance oriented and more durable than ever. The goal of the Yorkshire breed is to be a source of durable mother lines that can contribute to longevity and carcass merit. The motto of "The Mother Breed And A Whole Lot More" indicated the improvement and changes that the industry has seen.

Yorkshire breeders have led the industry in utilization of the "STAGES" genetic evaluation program. From 1990-2006, Yorkshire breeders submitted over 440,000 growth and backfat records and over 320,000 sow productivity records. This represents the largest source of documented performance records in the world.

The American Yorkshire Club was organized on April 1, 1893, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The office was first in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was moved to Valparaiso, Indiana in 1948. The first club was a stock company. In 1948, the American Yorkshire Club was reorganized and became a membership organization.

Yorkshire Breed Markings and Registration Requirements
The presence of one or more of the following disqualifies Yorkshire pigs from registry