On the Smith farm they grow the barley with green clover. This results in a sweet-smelling straw their pigs love to chew. The rations for the pigs are also made at home. No feed is bought from a feed company. No medicated feed is used. After harvest, the clover is plowed under to produce a "green manure fallow" which reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. This also enriches the soilís organic matter making the barley a more nutrient rich feed. I am one of the few farmers to use clover for a green manure in the province. The only fertilizer used on the field is the manure from the barns, which gets spread every day.

On our farm we use NO antibiotics IN THE FEED, NO steroids, and NO artificial growth enhancers. Pesticides, Fungicides, Chemical spraying, and Commercial Fertilizers are REDUCED by growing clover for a green manure and plowing it under.
My hogs are fed the highest quality feed, which contributes to a lean healthier meat.
For more information please read Growing Nitrogen Fertilizer with Clover Green Fallow

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